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Cocaine is originally produce as a painkiller, which is extracted from coca leaves. The powder in the nasal tissues is most often sniff into the bloodstream. It is consuming or frozen in the gums, too. Abusers inject the drug faster into the bloodstream, however, the chance of overdose greatly increases. It intensively absorbs as fumes or vapours with a lower risk of health compared to injection. Cocaine is one of man’s most harmful medicines. Once someone starts taking the medication, it is proven virtually impossible physically and psychologically to release themselves from their grasp. Physically, it activates the main receptors within the brain (nerve endings that sense body changes), producing a euphoria that users gain tolerance quickly. The same result is obtain only by higher doses and daily use. Today, cocaine is a multi-billion dollar global company. Users span all genders, professions, and economic rates, including eight-year -old schoolchildren. The use of cocaine can lead to death by a failure to respirate, stroke, brain hemorrhage, or heart attack. Children of mothers who are addicts to cocaine are coming as addicts in the country. You can also get cocaine for sale online.

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