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Is it safe to consume cocaine ?
Everyone is affected by cocaine differently. While some claim to experience extreme bliss, others claim to experience anxiety, discomfort,andhallucinations. Coca leaf (Erythroxylum coca), the primary component of cocaine, is a stimulant that affects the central nervous system (CNS).
Dopamine accumulates in the body as a result of cocaine consumption. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward.The main factor contributing to cocaine’s abuse potential is the dopamine accumulation. The brain’s neurochemistry can be altered as a result of the body’s potential need to satiate the newly discovered hunger for this dopamine reward, which might result in a substance use disorder.
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What happens if you are caught with cocaine ?

If you are caught illegally possessing cocaine, you will face legal consequences including arrest, jail time, a life-long criminal record, and financial penalties.

Possession of cocaine for recreational use is illegal throughout Canada, regardless of form. Penalties for possession include legal and financial repercussions, such as arrest, driver’s license suspension, court fines, mandatory rehabilitation programs, and incarceration.

Cocaine is classified by the Canada Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as a schedule II narcotic. Cocaine is a stimulant narcotic with euphoric and extremely addictive qualities. Criminal penalties associated with the possession and distribution of schedule II controlled substances vary by region and are primarily dependent upon the amount of the substance within an individual’s possession at the time of the arrest.

How do you ship orders?

99% of all successfull delivered package are packages shipped as discrete packages. Packages come as discrete packages with no name on them and no signature is required upon delivery. Please note that all discrete packages are entitled to a refundable insurance deposit which is fully refundable upon safe doorstep delivery. So package content wont be verified.

What happens after order submission?

The information you provide while placing your order is secure and note shared with any third party. Once your order is submitted and payment made you will receive tracking details for your order so you can keep track of the delivery process to your address provided. Read How to Order for more detail information.

Are payment Secure?

There are no risks whatsoever attributed to making payments via our website. We work with only the most safe and secure payment systems and use encryption to protect your Personal information.

What happen if my package didn't arrive or Appear to be damaged?

In such case we guarantee 100% refund or reship your order according to our shipping and refund policy.

Does cocaine cause infertility?

Yes. The use of cocaine can cause fertility issues for both men and women. Cocaine can disrupt the ovulation cycle for women and mens’ sperm counts. It is also known to cause congenital disabilities (birth defects) and miscarriages when used during pregnancy. To avoid these fertility-related complications, expectant mothers and their partners are advised not to use harmful substances like cocaine.

Several key takeaways about cocaine use and fertility include:

  • Cocaine can cause infertility in both men and women.
  • Cocaine has been shown to lower sperm count in men.
  • Cocaine increases prolactin levels during use and withdrawal. Prolactin is a hormone that alters the menstrual cycle and can stop ovulation.
  • Never use cocaine while pregnant, it can cause permanent congenital disabilities (birth defects) or miscarriage.
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